Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | November 13, 2015

Dogs greeting their soldiers

In honor of Veterans’ Day this past Wednesday, I have a few of our military coming home to their dogs.



Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | November 11, 2015

WIPpet Wednesday Bucket List


Lake Placid Village and Mirror Lake from Crowne Plaza Wednesday

I’m not sure what this writing is part of, whether it will lead to a longer piece or just take up a few more pages than it does here.  It is part of a piece on how I have taken on part of my father’ bucket list, left on the list when he passed away in June, two weeks past his 93rd birthday.  I offer 11 sentences for the day, or the month:

Last month, I attended a conference in Lake Placid, further north in the Adirondacks. I am five  months too late to tell my dad about this part of the Adirondacks, or to show him any of the pictures, but I can share them here.  When we were young, he ended up vacationing in Florida, but once we were older, his own preferences were clear. He always drove north when he had time off, to northern Georgia or western North Carolina, drawn to lakes and brooks cradled by mountains.  I share that attraction, fostered by trips to state parks when I was the last child home, staying in lakeside cabins in the crook of a line of ridges. Driving into Lake Placid, I realized how much he would have loved the surrounding mountains, the calm lake. Well, in the summertime or in the spectacle of its autumn colors.  My father was no friend to snow, so the snow veiling the high peaks would have detracted from his enjoyment of the view.

I knew why he had always wanted to see the Adirondacks, as clearly as if we had spoken about it. Although more worn than the Rockies, the mountains shake free of the deciduous trees first, then shake the evergreens off their granite shoulders, reaching respectable heights of three thousand to five thousand feet. Lakes melted from glacial ice reflect the sky, mountains and trees, witnessing the truth of names like Mirror and Placid, while rivers pound through granite gauntlets, frothing white, throwing mist into rainbows above the water.


WIPpet Wednesday is the brainchild of K.L. Schwengel and newly hosted by A Keyboard and an Open Mind. If you want to join in, or read other WIPpeteers, go here.


Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | September 22, 2015

Vivaldi’s Autumn

Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | July 24, 2015

Puppy doesn’t want to wake up

This puppy looks like me on far too many mornings.


Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | July 20, 2015

Vivaldi’s Summer

One of my perennial favorites

Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | July 17, 2015

This bed’s too small–the Goldilocks problem

There is something to be said for persistence!


Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | July 13, 2015

Schubert’s Serenade

A soft, relaxing summer song



Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | July 10, 2015

Great Dane snuggling baby

This Great Dane is adorable. S/he gets a little up close and personal, but seems aware of the size difference.



Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | May 15, 2015

Puppy scared of his own hiccups



Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | May 8, 2015

Dogs as Nannies

The interactions of these dogs and their human puppies runs the gamut from hilarious to sweet.  Amazing.



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