Excerpt from WWII British bride novella

He was lost before the music ended.  Her delicate, but not fragile, hand disappeared in his, starting the nerves tingling all the way up his arm. His other hand covered over half of the small of her back, the warmth of which raised his heart rate to a level he hadn’t felt recently save in combat. Even worse, the crush of the dance floor drew them closer together than was truly proper; although the joyousness of the celebration cancelled the affront, it didn’t relieve the chaos swirling through him as they were inexorably pushed chest-to-chest by the crush. For his own sanity, and to have any hope of talking to this vision, finding out her name before she disappeared back into the dreamland from whence she came, he leaned down to her ear, savoring the excuse to inhale the spicy-sweet fragrance of her, “Let’s go outside for some air.”

She tipped up on her toes to answer, “Yes, please,” totally unaware of what her sweet, warm breath on his face was doing to him.


2 thoughts on “Excerpt from WWII British bride novella”

  1. Oh, I absolutely love this. You are such a wonderful writer, Elizabeth, and I really enjoy the way you capture his visceral responses to her presence. When do I get to read the whole thing?!

    1. Oh my, Lena, thanks! Well, I wrote this as a piece for some friends a couple of years ago; I wrote it in parallel 1st POV, which I no longer like, and I think I glossed over some parts as well. I could send you a link, or you could watch the new version unfold. 🙂

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