Musings on music and comfort zones

This check-in is more ruminative than anything else.  I find it interesting what things stretch my comfort zone.  Saturday night, I went to a performance of Bach’s Magnificat with Eden.   There was a piece by Hayden beginning the evening and then a piece written in 1959.  I hate to admit it, but I immediately sighed to myself, thinking, “I don’t like modern music.”  I know *hangs my head in shame* how awful that sounds.  

Once the music started, I was drawn in, feeling the gooseflesh that usually only the “greats” can elicit from me. It was a challenging piece, more than willing to dip me into atonal depths that I have sworn never to revisit, but it deposited me whole and safe, shaken in good ways, at the end.

Earlier on Saturday, I was endeavoring to work on an exercise for the blogging class that makes my teeth hurt and my eyes water–to describe myself.  I would rather scrub toilets, grade freshman English composition papers, swim a mile. . . well, you get the picture.  It seems like such a small thing to my husband and sons, none of whom pat my hand when I whine to them.  

Obviously not done with locking myself out of my comfort zone, I did an online writing exercise at noon today. It made me write and think in ways I don’t often (or ever) do, and it was among the hardest writing I’ve ever done!  After I got over my surprise at the difficulty (my perfectionist never likes to be shown up!), I realized how much I had learned from it.

Both the music and the writing exercises are opportunities to leave my comfort zone, and to grow.  I’d forgotten how much growing hurts, but I’d also gotten terribly complacent, and I am glad to ache in good ways this evening.

I haven’t hit all my goals, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve had in the last week.  I stayed at work late Thursday night, revelling in the quiet and lack of interruptions, and got some writing done.

I hope everyone is motoring along well and finding their stride.  If you have a chance, go encourage someone whose link you find here.  It helps to hear from other writers!


10 thoughts on “Musings on music and comfort zones”

  1. This Bach loves that you were enjoying Bach! 😉 I’m stepping out of my comfort zone in a big way to try NaNo, but I wouldn’t have done it without the encouragement of lovely people like you. Kudos to those who help us discover new things about ourselves.

  2. Sometimes shaking things is up is just what we need to get out of a creative rut. Sounds like you had a great evening at the concert, and a great day of writing. Keep up the good work, and have a great week!

  3. Sounds like you’ve had an inspiring week, I think art is a good way to remind us the purpose of writing. I’m trying to get around more art exhibits myself, music has to have strong lyrics to do it for me on a creative level.

    1. It’s interesting, Katy. I can’t write with music if it has lyrics, but when I do listen to the lyrics, I often find insights.

      I love art exhibits, too, although I’m a bit old-fashioned about art. *blush*

  4. What a creative weekend you had! Challenging ourselves to step outside our comfort zone is so important and can lead to some of the greatest growth. Way to go! BTW, I’m having a hard time with the ‘describe yourself’ assignment, too. But, we’ll get it.

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