I missed the last two check-ins, which is never a good sign for me. I’ve had some personal angst going on, which has added to the stress level.  I’m not that good at handling stress, sigh.

It’s time for a reboot–not so much a change in goals, as a refocus and refinement.  I do three things when I am stressed, none of which are good things:  I eat comfort food, I do marathon tv watching; and I play computer games.

My husband is rebooting his diet to control his diabetes, so I’m going to tag along with that and his exercise. I am swearing off the tv watching for a bit, saving it as a reward.  Finally, I am paring back on the computer games, by giving myself seven minutes a day. I now write in a notebook at break and lunch at work, so the computer is not as big a temptation.

Also, not all the news is bad.  The blogging class is going well, although it is an amazing amount of work. I’m still struggling with describing myself; unfortunately, the timing is the same as my having to come up with a detailed resume at work, so the whole thing is making me run around in denial.

I’m also taking a loglines class, which should help me stay focussed on the plot line of the novel. Everyone is commenting on everyone else’s work, so it is proving very helpful.

Last Saturday night, I went to a pre-season NBA game at the local arena, with both sons and hubby. It counted as somewhat of a date night, since we had to wait for an hour to get out of the parking garage after the game.

I’m also keeping up with my sponsor duties, so that’s one in the plus column as well.  I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week.  If you  have a chance, go encourage someone here.


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