Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | October 28, 2012

Waiting for Stacy

Although I am back on track with check-ins, I can’t shake the feeling that I am spinning my wheels.  It’s one of those dreaded periods of self-doubt.  It will pass. If I am objective, I’m doing better than I had been.  

I am eating better, avoiding the foods that waft their siren song toward me, then stab me in the back by making me feel ill. I see their true appearance now! My wonky shoulder is slowing me down a bit, but I am seeing a doctor on Thursday, so I give myself kudos for self-care. I will discuss what exercise won’t hurt the shoulder, so hey, a two-fer.

As for tv marathons, between the World Series and NFL football, I have graciously ceded the tv to the men in the house.  Aren’t I just the nicest?  I have also put a timer on the computer games–15 minutes twice a day.  I still twitch when the timer goes off, but so far, I comply with it.

Today we are hunkering down for Hurricane Stacy.  We are on the edge of the worst winds and storm surge, but are still under a wind and flood watch.  My neighborhood was built in the early 1930’s, and the trees were planted at the same time.  While I usually love looking out the windows at the huge trees only feet away, I must admit I am a bit nervous.

I have spent a lot of time on the blogging class, but I know it will pay huge dividends down the line.  The logline class is more focussed, less of a time commitment, but still takes a lot of brain power.  I’m tweaking my resume for the day job, as well as writing an article.  Both are outside the normal 9-5 time commitment, so I feel like I do nothing but write these days.

Rather than feel overwhelmed by all the writing, I am energized by it. I have a chance to attend classes at the New York Writer’s Institute, since it is housed at the university where I have my day job.  I need to get some of my other commitments out of the way, but I am going to attend some of the talks and workshops when I can.

So that‘s all the news in my neck of the woods. I hope everyone in the path of the storm stays safe; here’s hoping we all keep our power!

The ROWers would love to get a comment and an encouraging word from you. The blog hop is here.



  1. Prayers to you and your family and friends and everyone in the path of Sandy. Stay safe. I hope you stocked up on canned goods and water. Keep in touch to let us know how you’re doing.

    • Thank you for your prayers, Jenny. I am praying that the severity will not be as predicted, but we have prepared to be without power for a while. We have a working fireplace, lots of water, firewood and non-perishables. I can charge my phone in the car, so I should be able to stay in touch. Thank you again!

      • Yeah, I live in Florida so we’re kind of used to these sort of things. You guys are getting a triple whammy with the convergence of three storms. Stay safe.

        • I lived in North Central Florida for five years until last March, but we missed the big hurricanes. I guess this one came looking for us!

  2. all the best with storms – you are doing well on writing and how cool to have access to those workshops hope this coming week is good for you:)

    • Thank you, Alberta! I had thought all these months that I could not attend the workshops, but then my hubby looked into it, found out that I can, and sent me all the information. He’s sweet like that. 🙂 I’m very excited.

  3. Stay safe. We don’t get anything like those hurricanes over here but I hate it when the winds do get fairly strong. Glad your job is allowing you writing opportunities.

    • Thanks, Katy. I hope it will be milder than forecast. Also, as day jobs go, mine dovetails rather well with writing, which is a nice thing about it.

  4. Ignore those self doubts! We all have them; it’s just like the nagging feeling that you left the house without turning off the iron, when you did turn off the iron!

    We get cyclones here, so I know how you’re feeling with a Hurricane approaching. (They are the same thing, different terminology.) Take really good care of yourself. I hope you come out unscathed and not even slightly damp.

    Power on!

    • Thank you for the insight, Cate! It is exactly that feeling. I have friends in Oz, which helps me understand the language *grin*. I appreciate the good thoughts; we have been preparing–stocking non-perishables and water, putting things up off the floor, and generally battening down the hatches. I do hope, though, that you are right!

      Thanks for coming by. 🙂

      • My pleasure. We are starting to stock bottled water etc in preparation for the upcoming summer storm season. Blimey! 🙂

  5. Hang in there! I don’t miss being on the coast when hurricanes threaten (I do miss it for other reasons). Have fun at the NY Writer’s Institute–how great to be right there! 🙂

    • Thank you, Diana! We certainly missed the wrath of Sandy here, except for the snow that is coming mid-week. I shouldn’t complain, as it could have been much worse!

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