Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | November 11, 2012

Re-assessment of Goals

Kait’s check-in asked whether we have to adjust our goals. I have been thinking for some time that I need to do so.  My original goals are in roman font, my emendations in italic. As it turns out, I have been best at my personal goals.  I have felt somewhat uncertain about writing and being a grown-up the past few weeks. Taking Kristen Lamb’s Blogging class has given me a wealth of information, but has slightly eroded my confidence.  I know it will pass, and I will shake it off, but it does show in my progress toward my goals.



  • I will create an outline of the entire novel, spending at least 7 hours a week in whatever configuration works for that week. This work is just not happening this Round.  Deferred.


  • I’m starting a blogging course on October 8th, and will keep up with the assignments. I am slightly behind, but keeping up within a few days of target dates.  I’m learning a lot, and the learning curve is much steeper than I expected.
  • I will be doing research the week of October 1-5, which I will turn into a first draft of an article, spending at least 4 hours a week from October 8th on, in whatever configuration. This first draft needs to be done by Christmas; I enjoy working on it, so even though I am falling behind, it stays as a goal.


  • As a sponsor, I will visit my assigned blogs twice a week. I often fall a day or two behind, but am managing to keep up within that time.
  • I will reply to all comments on my blogs. I am about a week behind on this goal, but it is very important to me, and I will leave it as is.
  • I will spend no more than 5 hours a week on social media.  I will assess which platforms work for me, and which ones do not. I have been largely absent from social media, except for the time that the blogging class assignments require.  I am getting a better idea of what is working and what is not.


  • I got stress fractures in two metatarsals by walking, so I will walk for only twenty minutes an evening. Nope.  Changed to three times a week, which is not giving up entirely, but is still a stretch.
  • I will continue to use the stairs. At least one goal that is working out still!
  • Starting October 8th, I will investigate low impact exercise, choosing one by week’s end. I have done the investigation, looking at Tai Chi and Yoga.  A sharp decline in my shoulder has deferred actually pursuing this exercise until at least the next Round.


  • I will set aside a half-hour every evening to read. I read before I fall asleep, which is proving very helpful for understanding structure, dialogue, and genre.
  • I will spend at least one hour a week contacting a friend by whatever means work best. Although I haven’t managed an hour every week, I want to keep this goal, as I have come close most weeks.
  • I will have a “date night” with my husband at least twice a month.  This one is actually working as well.
  • I will spend at least one hour a week with at least one of my kids.  Again, although I haven’t managed an hour every week, I want to keep this goal, as I have come close most weeks.


  1. uncertaintity in our creative part hits us all it seems at some time or another, hang on in there a let it creep back again – it will – it will. your personal goals are going well and personal is important for who we are and who we are is what will bring creativity:)

  2. Fiction will come. For the moment, it looks like blogging and your personal goals are the driving force this round. Just give it time.

  3. Hang in there, Elizabeth! The class can be overwhelming as you build new habits for blogging. I have learned so much! Keep up the great progress on your personal goals. Have a great week!

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