Round 1 Goals for 2013

The following are my goals for the first Round of a Round of Words in 80 Days in 2013.  What is A Round of Words, or ROW80, as  participants like to call it? It is a writing challenge that “knows you have a life.”  Click here to read more about it from the creator of the challenge, Kait Nolan.

2012 was a tough year for a lot of people, including me.  I found myself having trouble fighting my self-doubt and staying on track, often thinking, “Oh, what’s the use? I’ve not got the chops for this anyway.”

This round I have to concentrate on non-fiction, finishing a couple of articles for the day job, since I have an annual evaluation coming up in March.


  • Spend at least four hours a week on an article, in whatever configuration works for me.  Although I  usually write before work, I find that frustrating when I want to spend more time than I have between my comatose and rush-out-the-door states.


  • As a sponsor, I will visit my assigned blogs twice a week.
  • I will reply to all comments on my blogs.
  • I will spend no more than 5 hours a week on social media.  


  • I will walk for twenty minutes an evening.
  • I will continue to use the stairs.
  • I will look into the gym at work.  The thought doesn’t appeal, but it is handy and cheap.


  • I will set aside a half-hour every evening to read.
  • I will spend at least one hour a week contacting a friend by whatever means work best.
  • I will have a “date night” with my husband at least twice a month.
  • I will spend at least one hour a week with at least one of my kids.

8 thoughts on “Round 1 Goals for 2013”

  1. I definitely understand how you’re feeling, Elizabeth, as you saw from my last post. I think you’ve got some doable and balanced goals this round. Here’s hoping that the ROW80 team spirit boosts us all for a good start to the year!

  2. I love the way you outlined your goals, Elizabeth. And you know, whatever i can do to help in these, I will. Perhaps that Professor Java’s visit would be better spent doing something like mall-walking for a half-hour and a salad at someplace like the Cheesecake Factory… I know I would benefit from some exercise too. And Colonie Center has good stairs and usually isn’t too crowded.

    And when the warm weather comes back… =)

  3. These goals seem like they’re nice and specific so you will be able to see where you’re going *and* how much you’ve already done. Very nice!

    Also, about not having the chops…I really believe this: We do not choose a vision, we are not given a longing, unless we are also given the ability to fulfill it”. ~Christina Baldwin

    While you are working on day job writing and goals and such, I hope you will let yourself remember the parts about writing that pull you and call to you and that you love. Take care!

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