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ROW80 Check-in Chops or Not

As often is the case, I found many interesting posts this past week. Cate Russell-Cole pointed me to More Love Letters, which appeals to my love of writing on paper, as well as paying it forward by sending words of encouragement to those who need them.

Lena Corazon pointed me to Chad Carver’s post on imperfection.
I’ve struggled with perfectionism all my conscious life, so I found Chad’s take on imperfection a interesting and fruitful one.

I’m beginning to think I should have a post of links every so often, since I follow so many wonderful bloggers.  That may well become one of my blogging goals. I’m still struggling through Kristen Lamb’s blogging course.  I tend to feel inadequate (what else is new?) and my previously supportive family has suggested an evaluation of my life goals.  My main problem is that I can see their point, much as I wish I didn’t.  But for now, excelsior remains my mantra, along with “strength, courage, and wisdom,” which I completely stole from Lena Corazon (with her blessing, mind you).


  • Spend at least four hours a week on an article, in whatever configuration works for me.  Although I  usually write before work, I find that frustrating when I want to spend more time than I have between my comatose and rush-out-the-door states. Yes.  I spent a lot of time getting back into the research, but it was necessary.  Then the effort was in reading through the text, cleaning up the structure and diminishing the holes in the argument.


  • As a sponsor, I will visit blogs twice a week. Yes, and here’s a list:

For the first check-in and for the mid-week:

  • I will reply to all comments on my blogs.  Not yet, but I hope to do that today or tomorrow.
  • I will spend no more than 5 hours a week on social media.  Done.


  • I will walk for twenty minutes an evening. Only a couple of evenings.
  • I will continue to use the stairs. Done.
  • I will look into the gym at work.  The thought doesn’t appeal, but it is handy and cheap. Um, not yet *blush*


  • I will set aside a half-hour every evening to read. This is an easy one. I’m on a Tamora Pierce kick right now.  This past week I finished Bloodhound, the second in the Beka Cooper series, and started Mastiff, the third in the series. I read Tamora Pierce with my sons when they were about 9 and 10, and I still love to sink back into her world.
  • I will spend at least one hour a week contacting a friend by whatever means work best. I spent some  time chatting with some online friends a bit over a week ago–this week sped by, so I need to work more on this goal.
  • I will have a “date night” with my husband at least twice a month. Not yet.
  • I will spend at least one hour a week with at least one of my kids. Done.

Please go encourage someone on the list of participants.  A friendly word, especially at this early stage, may help someone continue to work at their goals this Round.  You’ll find them all here.


21 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in Chops or Not”

  1. Thank you for stopping by. Keep up the great work. I know I spent too much time on social media so for you to cut back that’s awesome. Here are a few suggestions: take the children on your walk with you if you can (IDK their current ages or schedules..) and one day when you are on your way out to lunch just stop in the company gym to get some info. Five minutes will do… good luck

    1. These are great suggestions, Jeneen! The kids that are still home are 19 and 21; they are actually awake in the evenings, so the walk sounds wonderful. Dipping my toe in the gym is a great way to ease into it without scaring myself off. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Social media – a blessing and a curse, all in one. I am often way too distracted by social media. Time flies by without me even realizing it.

    You have some great goals, and I was interested to see that you included reading. So many writers leave out that goal – most of us came to writing through a voracious hunger for reading. I go to bed by 9:30 or 10:00 so that I have time to read before bed, every night. I often read outside the genres I write because so often, elements of other genres are included within my own. That, along with writing every day, is probably your most important goal.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for stopping by with encouraging words, Sharon. I, too, read genres I would never try to write, such as mysteries and young adult, because they give me such wonderful lessons on structure, description–shoot, writing in general.

      I have to write everyday, especially with academic articles, or I spend too long getting back to where I was. With fiction I can give myself a snippet of the next scene, but it works far less well with non-fiction. I wish I were writing fiction, but the day job is what it is, and it’s better than digging ditches, so. . . 🙂

  3. Hi Elizabeth! Facebook let me see your posting and I immediately jump at the opportunity to drop by and see you. And look at you. A sponsor no less. I apologize for being a bit incognito lately. I took a few months off. Life got away from me. So I’m now climbing out from underneath a rock and getting back into the swing of things. I hope you and your family are doing well! Take care. 🙂

  4. That’s a rather hefty list of goals – congrats on accomplishing what you did! I so need to do better at keeping in touch with old friends, but the mere thought of adding anything to my to-do list right now is overwhelming. Good luck on your goals, and have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Jennette. It is a lot of goals, but I really want to focus on getting some work/life balance right now. It’s hard to juggle all the chainsaws, but I tend to hyperfocus on one or two things, and end up sad and alone. 🙂 I appreacite your dropping by–have a lovely week!

  5. I know what you man about feeling inadequate. I struggle with that too. I’m also in Kristen’s blogging class and haven’t posted a blog due to thinking they just won’t measure up. You have posted one so you are on your way. Good for you.

  6. I dunno, I find the whole blogging pressure too much sometimes. Yes, we have to be there or we will die a slow virtual death, but I think the main thing is to blog about things you’re passionate about, and if you can up with anything you’re passionate about that might be useful to other writers or academics, so much the better. My post about where to announce free ebook promos still gets dozens of hits a week. (And my post about creating tomato consomme still gets a couple of hits a month. *g*)

    To my way of thinking, blogging doesn’t make any sense if there isn’t at least an element of fun. I’m working on finding my fun, and it seems to help. 🙂

    Good luck on your goals and have a fabulous 2013!

    1. I often feel the same way about blogging, Ruth, but there are times when I think that my passions just aren’t all that interesting. There’s that inadequacy thing rearing its head! I do still get hits on posts that I was passionate about, so maybe I should just stop worrying. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a great 2013!

  7. Yup, I hear you about the inadequacy thing. It kept me silent on the blog for most of last year, but I think our motto for 2013 will help to pull us out of it!

    I have been meaning to read the Beka Cooper series, though I listened to the final book in the Lioness Quartet a few months back, while I was packing to move back to SF. It was SUCH a wonderful experience (I may have cried a few times…). Tamora Pierce has long been one of my heroes. 😀

    Have a wonderful week, Elizabeth!

    1. Yes, the inadequacy thing has plagued me, but no longer! The Beka Cooper series is so good. I heartily recommend it. I cried unashamedly at the Lioness Quartet, to my sons’ dismay. We started long ago with the Circle of Magic and the Circle Opens–ah, good memories!

      Have a lovely week, Lena!

  8. One of my goals for the New Year is to connect more with friends. I have become quite the recluse and FB/ROW80 friends aren’t the same as the ones I know in the flesh, though they sure help ease the loneliness. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the link and good luck with all of your own extensive goals.

  9. Hi Elizabeth Anne – I too am working on releasing my perfectionism (as I have been all my life). I read a great book at the end of the year that’s helped me with it. Have you heard of Brene Brown? She has two books – Daring Greatly is the last one I read, which is great! And also she has another one called The Gift of Imperfection (which I haven’t read yet). If you’ve got a full reading schedule you can also watch her TED Talks. I won’t include the link here because I know people don’t like that but you can google and find pretty easily if you’re interested.

    Good luck with all your goals! It’s my first time to ROW80 and I’m loving it so far!

  10. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for the supporting message you left me. You have some wonderful goals. I have had to limit my social media too. I tend to check those sites on my smartphone while I am out waiting at kids activities, etc. and then try to stay off when I have my computer open. It is so easy to get sucked in. I hope 2013 turns out to be a productive year for you!

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