Friday Laugh

20 Dog Tricks

Although I usually post humorous clips here, I was amazed at the things this dog can do!

I took my Standard Poodle for training, so she does know how to behave.  She merely chooses to ignore me when I try to get her to do tricks.  I can see her thinking, “I’m not your trick pony!”

Have you taught your pet to do any tricks?


5 thoughts on “20 Dog Tricks”

  1. Wow! That dog is incredible! My dog and I trained in agility for about 4 years–he was fast; I wasn’t. It was fun though. I taught him to ring a bell on the back door so that he doesn’t scratch at it to be let out.

  2. Wow! That speaks volumes about the level of trust between the person and the dog. What a great relationship and what a talented dog. Alas, my dogs do few tricks. Although some friends taught one of them to high five and they do make up things they think are humorous. We don’t always agree on that.

  3. Okay, that dog blows my dog out of the water! The only real trick we’ve taught Beastie Girl is a food trick we picked up from BIL. I’ll have to get crackin’ 🙂

  4. I have taught my cats my schedule, and now they cry if I deviate. I’m not sure if that counts as a trick, but it’s pretty sweet how much they want to support my writing by herding me to my office!

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