Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | July 5, 2013

Heroic dog

I had to share the video of this dog, who risked his life in a fire.



I find the loyalty and sensitivity of dogs fascinating.  My Weimaraner knows when we are upset; when my husband got the call that his mother had passed away, our Weimaraner was there immediately, sensing his grief.

Do you have a loyal or sensitive pet?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments.




  1. Leo, the lion heart, indeed! Love this story. Our yorkshire terrier, Astro, would never leave his buddy, Cosmo, our bichon-miniature schnauzer mix. If I dare take Cosmo somewhere and leave Astro behind, he alerts anyone in or near the house that something is very wrong – howling at the top of his little lungs. LOL.

    • Lynette, I love this story, too. Your Astro sounds like Riley,our Weimaraner. When we have to take Brigid, our Standard Poodle, to the vet for grooming, he cries and bays the song of his people.

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