Posted by: Elizabeth Anne Mitchell | July 12, 2013

Dogs sleeping

This video is a compilation of shorter videos, so you don’t need to watch it all.  Feel free to dip in for an laugh and a “awww” for the puppies:

My dogs do many of these things, especially barking and running in their sleep.  Do your pets do this?




  1. One of my dogs many years ago stuck half his body under my bed and in the middle of the night started howling like a wailing siren. He never woke up while he was doing it. They all bark and run in their sleep. Some snore . . . loudly! And my old girl sleeps with her eyes open. Yeah, they are some fun!

    • Kathy, this story is hilarious–well, maybe not if one is trying to sleep, but still! My Weimaraner runs in his sleep, and cracks me up all the time.

  2. The close-up of the bulldog was a little creepy, but the rest of this made my day. Thanks!

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