Opening Sentences Meme

Shah Wharton tagged me in a writers’ meme, where I would give the first sentence in each of the first three chapters of my WIP.  The results were to be posted on Facebook, but for those who are not on Facebook,  and since I had written them here first, here they are.  They are from my memoir, which I have been working on most recently.

Chapter One: By the age of two, I’d perfected invisibility, without magic potion, industrial accident, or cloaking device.

Chapter Two: My escape pod was an overstuffed wing chair, shoved into a corner, uncomfortably laden with spiky feathers that surfaced to annoy the occupant.

Chapter Three: I stymied the good sisters at my Catholic school, writing stories instead of practicing my rows of letters, talking to my invisible friends, and generally refusing to  fit the round hole into which they were trying to hammer me.


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