ROW80 Round 3

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a writing challenge “that knows you have a life,” balancing accountability to a group of colleagues with realistic, measurable goals.  If this sort of challenge sounds interesting, click here for the skinny from the creator, Kait Nolan.

Although I maintain a separate blog for the twice weekly check-ins here, I will post my goals here, as they extend beyond the realm of writing.  My posts on this blog will often expand on these goals.

Personal: Live mindfully and positively

Professional: Make and protect the time to write

Physical: Move more

Emotional: Reconnect with family and friends

Spiritual: Meditate

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1. Work an hour a week setting up the “author platform” of Twitter, Facebook, new blog, Goodreads.
2. Post at least 250 words at least once a week (not including ROW 80 check-in posts).
3. Spend at least two hours a day on writing, research, outlining; no external distractions.
4. Plan/outline 2 new essays.
5. Revise 4 essays already written.

In the way life has, it has kicked my creative writing to the curb.  Goals 4 and 5 are professional writing that has to be done; I am taking the attitude that the habits in goals 1-3, once established, will serve me well in my creative life.  For that matter, writing for an audience, no matter how distant and aloof, cannot hurt.  Therefore, until I can turn to my fiction WIPs, I will bear a standard with the strange device / Exclesior (apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow).