Manuscripts and Incunabula, Oh My

This week I’m in Manhattan, on a research grant from the day job, spending my days at the Pierpont Morgan Library. I am in my element here, I have to say.  I spent Monday with photocopies of manuscripts and yesterday morning with microfilm, but I worked with a manuscript from around 1440 yesterday afternoon.  Later this week, I will look at an early printed book from about 1530–not an incunabulum, like I said in the title, but “early printed book” doesn’t fit in the linky title line very well!

I get these chances to do research very seldom, but they are always revelatory when I get them.  Not only do I enjoy doing this research, like a pig in clover, my aunt would have said, but I’m very good at it.  It boosts my self-confidence immensely to dust off my paleographic and language skills, immersing myself in the alien cultures of 15th- and 16th-century England and France and finding myself so very much at home.

I find that I am storing up all the experience like photographs of loved ones, to take with me. I can pull them out in low times to remember who I am and where I come from.

I’m not meeting my other goals due to spotty internet, but I will have time to catch up when I return home.  I am ecstatic that I could start this Round with such a wonderful sprint, or to follow on my fledgling images from last Round, a breathtaking soar far above the treetops.

Kait’s post  about best practices and checking in with others is a very good one.  Please add the best practice of encouraging everyone; they are listed here.